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Snæfellsjökull - women's cardigan - pattern

Snæfellsjökull - women's cardigan - pattern

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Snæfellsjökull is the first cardigan pattern I make. The cardigan is full of small details, like the glacier stripes that run on the shoulders and then it's cut out at the hips, it also has inset pockets.

The cardigan is very quick and fun to knit and includes lots of details so that the sweater can be enjoyed to the fullest. You start at the top of the collar and the sweater is knitted down, so it's very good to be able to tailor the sleeve length and length of a sweater to the owner of the sweater.

When I knit sweaters from the top, I knit a little below the sleeve transition, then knit the sleeves and measure along the way so that they have a tailor-sewn hem, then I knit the bodice down. If there is little yarn left, I aim to finish the length of the sweater and not start a new skein.

Sizes: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44 (46/48)
Yarn and quantity:
- Gilhaga band, Lamb 300 (350) 350 (400) g.
- Mohair 100 (150) 150 (150) g,

Needles: Circular and double pointed needles no. 4.5 [US 7] and 5.5 and crochet hook no. 5.5 [US 9].
Knitting pattern: Needles no. 5.5 = 14 L * 10 rows = 10*10 cm.

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