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Charms - gift kits

Charms - gift kits

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Gift kits with hand-dyed yarn and Náttúruprjón's pattern.

I went to Icelanders' Day in Gimli Manitoba in August 2022. We stayed at a with a lovely woman, we had never met before but became fast friends. When I first entered the cabin, I immediately noticed the shelf that was there and it was full of small stones, each with it´s individual appearance. She said that as a child, they would look for small pebbles with a hole
in them on the shore of Lake Winnipeg and they were supposed to bring good luck. She had a nice collection of lucky stones and she was also very lucky 😊. To thank her for being a wonderful host, I created a pattern with lots of lucky stones. Who does not need Lucky Stones in their life? This is also the first pattern with colouring from me, I'm going to make the color called Lukkusteina gray. When I envisioned the color that should be, I wanted it to be the shade of the light color, I wanted the pattern to fit a bit into the whole, like Lukkusteinar, they are not easy to find, but I had to cover the color a little as it was difficult to knit a pattern with such similar colours.

Traditional two-band mitten knit with Latvian braid and a simple strap. The pattern is irregular. Long bands (carried yarn) are formed only in a few places, which can be fastened in every third loop behind.

Complete instructions and links to explanatory videos are included, needles are not included. The yarn is 85% merino wool / 15% nylon, wonderful to knit with.

Needles no. 3 and 3.5 [US 2.5 and 4].

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