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Gimli - gift kits, women's and men's sizes

Gimli - gift kits, women's and men's sizes

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A gift kits with hand-dyed yarn and Náttúruprjón's pattern, dedicated to the history of Iceland.

These mittens are a tribute to the Icelanders who moved to the West before the turn of the century and had to learn new farming methods and live in completely different weather conditions than they were accustomed to.

I would like to note that the patterns are opposite for the right and left mitten, so the houses will be mirrored and together the backs of the hands form a small cluster of houses😊.

Traditional two-band mitten knit with Latvian braid and a simple strap. The pattern is irregular. Long bands (carried yarn) are formed only in a few places, which can be fixed in every third loop behind.

Complete instructions and links to explanatory videos are included, needles are not included. The yarn is 85% Merino wool / 15% Nylon, wonderful to knit with.

Needles no. 3 and 3.5 [US 2.5 and 4].

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