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Fagradalsfjall - patterns

Fagradalsfjall - patterns

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When there was an eruption at Fagradalsfjall, I took a picture and created a pattern called Eldfjall, it was three-colored mittens, and tricolour knitting is not popular, so here is a new version, adapted to two colors but based on the photo I took in April 2021. I really enjoy creating such irregular patterns from images from nature.

Traditional two-band hat and/or mitten knit with two-colour strap. The pattern is irregular and easy. Long bands (carried yarn) formed only in a few places, which can be fixed in every third loop behind. Complete instructions and links to explanatory videos are included,

Yarn: Natural knitting hand-dyed yarn, 85% merino wool / 15% Nylon, 100 g / 400 m or equivalent to achieve knitting stability.

Needles: Small circular needle no 3 [US 2.5] and 3.5 [US 4].
Gaugh: 32 L = 10 cm / 4 in needle no. 3.5 [US 4].
Other: Needle markers to place at the beginning of the round.

Size: Circumference 56 cm [22 in] .
Main color: Hraun (Lava), 40 gr [1.5 oz] .
Contrast color: Kvika (Magma) 25 g [0.9 oz] .

Size: Length 27 cm [10.5 in] , circumference 20 cm [7.75 in].
Main color: Hraun (Lava), 40 g [1.5 oz] .
Contrast color: Kvika (Magma) , 30 g [1.1 oz] .

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