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Bergmál - Gift kit

Bergmál - Gift kit

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Gift kits with hand-dyed yarn and Náttúruprjón's pattern. The pattern is dedicated to Icelandic nature, the color of the pattern is specially chosen each time. Each kit contains dedicated dyed yarn to enhance the pattern, creating depth and texture. You may choose different
yarn, check your gauge.

The first thing that came to my mind when I made this pattern was the hammer walls in Ásbyrgi. When I was a child, my family and I often went to Ásbyrgi and I got to hear the echoes of the hammers as well as enjoy the surroundings.    

Traditional double band. knit with Latvian braid and simple ribbing. The pattern is consistent and easy to follow. Long bands (carried yarn) are formed only in a few places, which can be fixed in every third loop behind.

Comprehensive instructions and links to explanatory videos are included, needles are not included. The yarn is 85% Merino wool / 15% nylon, wonderful to knit with.

Needles no. 3 and 3.5 [US 2.5 and 4]. 

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