5 - Vorið að koma :-)

5 - Spring is coming :-)

Well, Lóan (golden plover) has arrived, now spring is coming, even though it's snowing these minutes. Becoming much brighter and lighter over everything. I'm on my way to Berlin and will present my recipes and also the band from Gilhaga. One of the main reasons I'm going to Berlin is to see the Cherry Tree in bloom. The last Cherry tree in bloom in April 1999. I hope I see them in bloom that I am neither too early nor too late on the trip.

Now 90% of my patterns, that I am going to translate into a foreign language are finally ready, now I only have translations of my sweaters left and I have faith that they will be available in the next few days. This cardigan is made with the band from Gilhagi https://gilhagi.is/.

Take good care of your self.

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