7 - Nýjasta nýtt !!! Pakkamynd úr Heiðmörk 21/7/22

7 - Latest New !!! Package photo from Heidmörk 21/7/22

Hello everybody

I am incredibly excited and would like to tell you about what is in the works at Náttúruprjön.

At the end of July, beginning of August, I'm going to Gimli in Canada to take part in the Icelanders' Festival held during Merchants' Weekend. I've never been to Canada and I can't imagine anything better than starting by going on Icelandic trails. This is a great opportunity for Náttúruprírón to present what the company stands for. In Canada I will have an exhibition where I will present my work and I will have the recipes and gift packs with me in Icelandic, English and German.

In other news, the store Ljómalind in Borgarnes will take my gift packs for sale at the end of July. The packages will be for sale in Icelandic, English and German, and you will also be able to buy knitting on the spot if someone forgot recreational materials before the trip and wants to start knitting right away! Ljómalind is a country market that mostly sells products that are produced in the west. Approximately 70 people sell goods in the store, and all the food that is obtained there comes directly from the farm and is only available in Ljómalind or directly from the producer. I recommend that people make a trip to Ljómalind and grab a gift pack and see everything they have to offer. You can view Ljómalind's Facebook page here: (https://www.facebook.com/LjomalindLocalMarket)

Here you can see which recipes have arrived in a gift package.

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