8. Velkomin á nýja heimasíðu Náttúruprjóns

May you be safe and blessed

Now that I think Náttúruprjön has worn out the children's shoes, I see a reason to change and return the experience of the past years for learning and improvement, hopefully.

Decided to change website provider, as I considered my interests better protected with this person rather than the one I was with, more possibilities and translation into another language. There are many more opportunities to grow and develop here.

I sincerely hope you are as happy with the new look as I am. Was able to simplify the product list a whole lot and the visibility of the product is many times higher.

Thank you for the time spent on the old website and welcome to Náttúruprijn's new website, the URL does not change, only the appearance.

For those who don't know and a little introduction about me, my name is Sigrún Arna and I created my first pattern on paper in July 2019 called Húm, until then I had knitted various things with and without a pattern. I have always had a rather fertile imagination and it was easy to get things out of my hands, but writing a recipe so that others could understand was now a bit more difficult. After that, I started to flourish in recipe making and led the recipes into gift packs and hand dyeing. I just have to raise the sheep, then it's all on one hand :-).

The gift packages are becoming my main focus, but the recipes are naturally the basis of a good gift package.

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