3 - Haustið og ég

3 - Autumn and me

I have had a really great summer with family and friends. Travel out and south, on land and sea. Just finished the last summer vacation this October. Went to Italy for a fun week trip to Monterossi, 1 of the 5 towns of the Cinqua Terre region. We visited all 5 villages and each was more interesting than the other. Incredibly peaceful and beautiful villages crawling in all directions on the mountain slopes. Fun hiking trails and eateries at every turn and everywhere, it was amazingly good food and a wide selection of seafood available, which doesn't hurt.

It was good to get some sun and warmth in the body before the winter.

Autumn is my favorite time, it's starting to get dark, it's getting colder and nature is waiting for this incredible party of colors that changes every day and adapts to winter. In fact, autumn comes when everything is done without a party of colors and I don't think it's quite as much fun.

Otherwise, just have a nice autumn and winter days :-).

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